Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

This practice has been lucky to have an active patient group for the last few years but we now want to involve more people and are looking to do this in two ways:

Firstly, we want additional patients to become involved in the Patient Group; either by attending face to face meetings or by corresponding with us electronically.

Amongst other things, these patients will approve our occasional patient surveys before we send them out, to make sure we ask relevant questions in the right way. They’ll also be asked to look at the survey results and make sure that any changes we make are appropriate.


Getting Your View

If you’d like to become involved, don’t wait for us to contact you!

Give us a ring, or complete the online form below and let’s get started!!!

Note: Whilst we welcome nominations from all our patients, we are trying to build a group that is representative of the patient list as a whole. 

Join our Patient Participation Group

If you are interested in joining our Patient Participation Group, please write or email us with your full name, your contact details and the reasons why you would like to join our PPG.

Please click here for our contact details

Common Questions and Answers

What is a Patient Group?

This is a group of volunteer patients who are involved in making sure the surgery provides (as far as is possible) the services its patients need.

If I join the Group, what will I be expected to do?

Discuss various issues with us, including the way the practice works; help us decide what survey questions we should be asking our patients, and help us make sure we respond appropriately to the survey results.

How often would I need to be involved?

If you want to join the Patient Group you could come along to our virtual meetings (held 2 – 3 monthly) or be a “virtual” member, who corresponds with us electronically.

I’m happy to complete survey forms but don’t want to join the Patient Group. Is that OK?

Yes, we need one group of patients who are willing to participate in our surveys.

Will my doctor see this information?

This information is purely to contact patients to ask them questions about the surgery and how well we’re doing and to ensure that changes we make are patient focussed. If your doctor is responsible for making some of the changes in the surgery they might see general feedback from patients.

Will the questions you ask me be medical or personal?

We will only ask general questions about the practice, using short questionnaires and possibly other means.

Who else will be able to access my contact details?

Your contact details will be kept safe and secure. They will only be used for this purpose and will not be shared with anyone else.

How often will you contact me?

At the moment, we can’t be specific, but it won’t be very often. We may, for example, want to send out a couple of questionnaires a year but, if there’s something specific that’s a big topic and affects us all, we may need to contact you more frequently for a short period of time.

What if I no longer wish to be on the contact list or I leave the surgery?

If you decide you no longer wish to be on the contact list, you’ll need to let us know (in writing or by Email) and we’ll delete you from our list. Likewise, only patients who are registered with the surgery can belong to the group, so if you’re moving you need to write and let us know that you’ll no longer be involved with the Group.